Degree Assembly Board of Governors

DABOG Members

E. Rob Freese III, DABOG/DA Chair
Member Entity: Bucks County Community College, Pennsylvania
Chair Term Ends: 2024
Board Position Term Ends: 2026

Marc Rudder, DABOG/DA Vice Chair
Member Entity: Kentucky Community & Technical College System
Vice Chair Term Ends: 2024
Board Position Term Ends: 2024

Zeyad Sagr
Member Entity: Arab Fire Safety and Security Academy, Saudi Arabia
Term Ends: 2024

Paula Simone
Member Entity: Central Oregon Community College
Term Ends: 2024

Terri Wilkin
Member Entity: American Public University System, West Virginia
Term Ends: 2025

Josh Crisp
Member Entity: Gaston College, North Carolina
Term Ends: 2025

Richard Carroll
Member Entity: Cleveland Community College
Term Ends: 2025

Darin Raskopf
Member Entity: College of Western Idaho
Term Ends: 2026

Joel Davis
Member Entity: Guilford Technical Community College
Term Ends: 2026

Shane Kelley (interim appointment through April 2024)
Member Entity: Purdue University Global
Term Ends: 2026

Lee Silvi
Member Entity: None - Public Board Member
Term Ends: 2024

The Degree Assembly Board of Governors (DABOG) consists of eleven members. Ten members are elected from Degree Assembly represented entities. One member is elected from the general public to serve as the Public Board Member. The functions of the Degree Assembly Board of Governors are to:

  • Carry out policies established by the Degree Assembly.
  • Provide suggested policy statements and administrative guidelines to the Degree Assembly for approval in addition to those provided by the Degree Assembly.
  • Encourage the professional and educational development of fire and emergency services.
  • Clarify policy established by the Degree Assembly
  • Review appeals.
  • Meet at least semi-annually immediately prior to the Degree Assembly meeting.
  • Establish a forum and dialogue between accredited entities that will encourage cooperation.
  • Ensure that the program accreditation process is done on a valid and credible basis.
  • Act upon all accreditation applications.

For more information about the Degree Assembly Board of Governors, see Article 20 of the IFSAC Bylaws.