Policies & Procedures - Certificate Assembly

Certificate Assembly Public Member Process (policy and procedure)

Three Year Compliance Procedures

Procedures regarding updating certification programs to current edition of NFPA or other standards.

Three Year Compliance Chart

Reference chart for NFPA standard editions and deadlines to comply with current editions.

Reciprocity and Equivalency Memorandum

Non-payment of Fees

Review of Written Tests Policy

Seal Ordering and Reporting Policy

Guidelines for Seal Reports for the IFSAC Registry

List of Disciplines and Levels

Organization-Wide Policies and Procedures

Ambassador Program Policy (NEW - October 2017)

Ambassador MOU Example (NEW - October 2017)

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Investigation Guide

Complaint Dispute Procedure

Meetings Policy

Meeting Host and Location Proposal Form

IFSAC Budget Policy

NFPA Committee Representation

Years of Service Award