About the Degree Assembly

Scope of Accreditation

The IFSAC Degree Assembly accredits fire, emergency services, public safety, and related postsecondary programs at the academic certificate, associate, baccalaureate, and master levels offered by colleges and universities in the United States and at equivalent levels internationally.

About IFSAC Degree Assembly Accreditation

The IFSAC Degree Assembly is one of two assemblies in the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress providing specialized accreditation in the fire service profession.

An IFSAC accredited degree program indicates that course offerings, institutional support, and qualified faculty are working together in completing their educational mission. Accreditation is granted only after a review by a panel consisting of representatives from other member institutions.

Mission Statement

To plan and administer a high quality, uniformly delivered accreditation system with an international scope for postsecondary degree programs relating to fire protection.

Responsibilities of the Degree Assembly

  • Develop and/or adopt criteria for accreditation.
  • Consider bylaw amendments relevant to Article 20 and Article 21.
  • Promote networking among postsecondary institutions that offer degree programs in fire, emergency services, public safety, and related disciplines.
  • Develop and promote an awareness among government agencies, postsecondary institutions, and those members of the public served by the accredite program regarding the accreditation system.
  • Ensure the objectives of this Assembly are completed in a non-discriminatory fashion.
  • Utilize appropriate criteria to ensure accreditation is completed on a valid and credible basis.
  • Seek recognition from agencies who evaluate, accredit, recognize, or approve accrediting bodies when deemed beneficial to the Assembly.