Membership & Accreditation - Degree Assembly

Membership and Accreditation Process for Degree Programs

The IFSAC Degree Assembly accredits fire-related degree programs. The accreditation process involves a peer evaluation of various elements of a degree program as outlined in the Degree Assembly evaluation procedures, bylaws, and accreditation criteria.

Following are the primary steps for a degree program to be accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress:

  1. Submission of Degree Assembly application for voting membership to the IFSAC Administrative Office (institution must be accredited by a regional or institutional accrediting organization, or state sanction)
  2. Verification by IFSAC Administration of institutional accreditation
  3. Approval of the application for membership by the Degree Assembly Board of Governors chairperson
  4. Submission of accreditation/reaccreditation application and self-study package
  5. Site visit by IFSAC Degree Assembly site team of qualified individuals
  6. Submission of additional required items identified by the site team (if applicable)
  7. Approval by the Degree Assembly Board of Governors based on the site team report and recommendations

Note that payment of annual dues is required to maintain membership and accreditation. Additional fees and costs apply for accreditation/reaccreditation applications and site team travel.

For additional information regarding the membership and accreditation process click here, and review the Degree Assembly accreditation documents, bylaws, and policies and procedures.