Accreditation Guides & Documents - Certificate Assembly

Application for Accreditation (Site Visit)

Accreditation Procedures (Revised April 2019)

  • For information regarding travel for the IFSAC site visit team, see CA Site Visit Team Information, pages 2 and 3.

CA Site Visit Team Information (Revised April 2019)

Criteria for Accreditation of Certifying Entity, April 2017 Edition (Revised October 2021)

Supplemental Material: Delegation of Certifying Authority (Explanatory Material)

Administrative Review Application (To add levels to accreditation between site visits)

Administrative Review Policy (Revised April 2019)

Three-Year Compliance Procedure

Three-Year Compliance Chart

Review of Written Tests Policy

Unavailable until updated. See Certification Program Administration, General Administration, #15 of the Criteria for Accreditation for information.

Standards Review Guide

 Describes process for submission and acceptance of standards other than NFPA Pro-Qual standards. Includes application for submission.