Accreditation Guides & Documents - Certificate Assembly

Application for Accreditation (Site Visit)

Criteria for Certificate Accreditation/Worksheets, April 2017 Edition (Amended October 2023)

Supplemental Material: Delegation of Certifying Authority (Explanatory Material)

Accreditation Procedures (Revised April 2023)

CA Site Visit Team Information (Revised October 2022)

Administrative Review Application (To add levels to accreditation between site visits)

Administrative Review Procedure (Revised April 2023)

Three-Year Compliance Procedure (Revised April 2023)

Three-Year Compliance Chart

Review of Written Tests Policy

Unavailable until updated. See Certification Program Administration, General Administration, #15 of the Criteria for Accreditation for information.

Standards Review Guide

 Describes process for submission and acceptance of standards other than NFPA Pro-Qual standards. Includes application for submission.