Council of Governors

COG Members

Eldonna Sadler, COG Facilitator
Interim Manager, IFSAC Administration

Tara Youngblood
Representing: Certificate Assembly
Member Entity: Oklahoma State University Fire Service Training
Position Term Ends: 2024

Josh Crisp
Representing: Degree Assembly
Member Entity: Gaston College, North Carolina
Term Ends: 2024

Joel Billings
Representing: Degree Assembly
Member Entity: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Term Ends: 2025 (appointed to fill vacancy until election in 2026)

Greg Palmer
Representing: Certificate Assembly
Member Entity: North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission
Position Term Ends: 2025

Lori Howes
Representing: Certificate Assembly
Member Entity: Alabama Fire College and Personnel Standards Education Comission
Position Term Ends: 2026

Casey Hall
Representing: Degree Assembly
Member Entity: Kentucky Community and Technical College System
Position Term Ends: 2026

Public Members

Bernie MacKinnon, CABOG Public Member

Lee Silvi, DABOG Public Member


John Cunningham
Member Entity: Nova Scotia Fire Service Professional Qualifications Board


E. Rob Freese III
Member Entity: Bucks County Community College, Pennsylvania

The IFSAC Council of Governors (COG) consists of eleven members with three members elected from each assembly of IFSAC, the public member from each board, the chair of each board, and one member of the Administration Office serving as facilitator/chair. The responsibilities of the Council of Governors are to:

  • Work with the Congress on issues of linkage between assemblies.
  • Deal with issues that are common to the Certificate Assembly and the Degree Assembly.
  • Recommend resolutions to the Congress to resolve disputes between the Certificate Assembly and the Degree Assembly.
  • Work with Oklahoma State University on employee issues with regard to hiring, termination, promotion, pay increases, and performance evaluations.
  • Approve and provide oversight of the budget.
  • Provide direction and assistance to IFSAC Administration.

For more information about the Council of Governors, see Article 01 of the IFSAC Bylaws.